Thursday, October 23, 2008

September 29 1830

Rev. James Turnbull
No. 11 Montague Street

Glasgow 29 September 1830

Dear Uncle & Aunt
I avail myself of this opportunity to write to you and let you know that we are all well at present and I hope these few lines will find you in the same state of health.
We have been expecting a letter from you all this week but have got none we are afraid there are something wrong with you. I have made up my mind about what I am going to be and father is thinking to go to Mr. Euston and try and get me into a doctor's shop he wants your advice about it. write to father about it. Mr. Edwards was ordained on Thursday and we was all there. Mr. Linsey preached and Mr. Barr ordained & Mr. (Edwards) French gave the address and mother was very ill pleased at him for keeping him standing 1 hour & 11 minutes so long she though might have wearies and man & only to give the congregation about 10 minutes address which she thought he gave to no purpose. his text on sabbath afternoon was that passage which says I am among you with fear and trembling. Mr. Turnbull of the noddy was struck with the palsy the Sabbath after the you was in Glasgow and it is thought he will never preach more. there was one the name of Watson filled his pulpit on sabbath last we no not to what body he belongs.

Francis Macaly (?) of Strathburn (?) came to Glasgow to see his daughter and some way or other he had fell into a quarry and was killed. This comes with Mr. Hewes (?) son who is very anxious to be presentor to your honorer. Mr. Harvey & Mr. Thypher (?) seems much dissapointed at not seeing you.
The Unitarian minister has put out a pamphlet against Mr. Sturers (?) for not attending a funeral he was asked to along with him and his reasons for it is that he could not say amen to a unitarian prayer.
And Mr. Harvey is going to preach a sermon on it why a trinitarian cannot say amen to a unitarian prayers. Mother was going to write to you today but she was busy but she wishes to be remembered to Mrs. Turnbull and you and grana and grandfather has there best respects for you both. I have no more to say at present but remain your affectionate Nephew Alex Turnbull
N.B. Be sure and write soon and let us know how Mr. Weddell


BHW58th said...

I came across this site while researching James Turnbull's whereabouts in 1823. I have my 3G-parents' original marriage bann/certificate that indicates James Turnbull married them in Cumbernauld in 1823. It seems that he was at the Calton Relief Church in Glasgow at this time, which leads me to think perhaps he had a personal/family connection with my 3G-grandfather David Walker who was also from Glasgow. Let me know if you'd like a scanned copy of the document Rev. Turnbull signed.

Fiona Turnbull said...

Sorry for not seeing this sooner but I have been travelling the world and sorely neglected this blog. There were two Rev. James Turnbulls at this time which has been no source of vexation to me. The other Rev James was at Calton before he went off to form the Noddy Kirk. He came from Colinsburgh and had been there from about 1813 to 1820 when went to Calton. Hope this helps